A company that is concerned about retaining highly skilled employees, budget management and lowering healthcare costs will push for a comprehensive corporate health program. Implementing a company health program, even if it comes with a  corporate health center requires careful planning and implementation. Here are some tips for implementing your company’s.

Be Up Front

You are not implanting a corporate health program out of an altruistic concern for those around you. You are doing it because it will help the company retain highly skilled employees and will eventually lower healthcare insurance costs.

Additionally, those valued employees you want to get or remain healthy are not stupid. They understand why you want to push corporate health. Trying to pretend it is out of your concern or for their good (even if both might be,) is not going to fly. Be upfront, explain the program, answer questions and be able to show your employees how active participation will benefit them.

Expect Some Resistance

Depending on what you want to implement, you should expect some resistance and should have a plan to address it. That plan should include actively listening to employee concerns and being willing to make changes if those concerns make sense. Employees know when they are being brushed off and there is nothing worse than feeling like your concern is legitimate, but your boss or HR implementation team does not care.

Go For Easy

You are implementing an entire system, but the easier you make it to transition, the more success you will have with employee acceptance. Also, take the time to work out any IT bugs, even if it means delaying the implementation schedule. One way to quickly lose even supportive employees is to make the new system unwieldy to manage, too complex and prone to failure.

The same goes for the programs within the health program. If exercise is emphasized, make the exercises easy to do. If healthy eating is the goal, make the goals simple and easy to both understand and attain.

Make it About Employees, Not the Company

Too many companies emphasize how their health and wellness program shows what a great place they are to work. This is great if you are a decision-maker in management. It is not so great if you are an employee wondering what they will get out of participation.

Make rewards and how they are attained clear. Emphasize the benefits like losing weight, feeling better, etc. of participation. Focus all your sales efforts to your employees on your employees.

These four tips will make the process of implementing a corporate health program proceed much more smoothly. If you do all four, the vast majority of your employees will be enthusiastic over what you are trying to accomplish.

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