In a college application, many things are required. However, you need to concentrate on a few critical aspects like –

  • GPA needs
  • Application needs
  • Testing needs

If you are planning to apply for Stanford University, then first understand the admission eligibility. It will help you create a strong admission application because the important thing to bear in mind is that the admission acceptance rate is 4.4%. It means for every 100 applications, 4 get approved.

The school is very selective. It is crucial to fulfilling their ACT/SAT requirements for getting past the first filter rounds. It proves your academic preparations. After this first hurdle, applicants need to impress the application readers with other application needs like recommendation letters, essays, and extracurricular activities.

GPA requirements

Stanford transfer needs applicants to be class toppers with nearly straight ‘A’s’. The average requirement for GPA is 3.94 at Stanford. Besides, you need to take hard programs like IB or AP to prove that you can handle college-level academics with ease.

If currently, you are a junior or senior student in school applying for college admission then it is hard to improve your GPA scores. If your GPA is below or at 3.94 the need for the higher ACT or SAT increases, to compensate. You can compete efficiently against applicants with a high GPA than you.

Standardized testing requirement – SAT & ACT

Every school has different standard testing requirements. Many need only SAT, but a few of them need both. For Stanford take SAT or ACT, but make sure to perform well for creating a strong application.

SAT requirements

SAT score needed is 1500 out of 1600 scale, which is a very competitive standard. The score policies are ‘All Scores’ at Stanford. It means you will need to send all the SAT scores that were taken, which is daunting because all scores are not considered as equal in many schools.

For Stanford, the highest individual scores in Math, Reading, and Writing from all the tests taken are focused on. It doesn’t matter how many test attempts you had. Now, the too many can be numbered as 4 to 6 tests as a reasonable number.

The college is well-aware that every applicant needs a chance and retaking the test is a great way. If you attempt for the 7th or the 8th time, then the admission officers will start wondering why you are not making improvements with every test. It will be a question to your studying skills as well as the ability to make improvements.

ACT requirements

The average ACT cutoff is at 33. If you have below 32 then getting approval is hard unless you have some impressive things attached in your application. Students can control the ACT score they need to send. There is no need to send all your ACT scores like SAT. Thus you can attempt 10 tests and submit the highest one.

You get a great chance to enhance your ACT scoring with as many retakes as you can. To receive superscore, focus on a single section every time. Prep for reading first and take an ACT, then focus on Math for the next test.

Final admission approval

High GPA, SAT/ACT scores are vital to get admission to Stanford. Impress the admission officers with your strong application, as there are many competitive students.

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