Having an Internet store is great, but if you rely on a physical location and products for your livelihood, you need to be able to bring people into your brick and mortar store. A great atmosphere, window decorations, and displays and a custom flag set can help you get more people into your place of business.

Create an Atmospheric Experience

How your store is perceived from the moment people see it until they leave is important to having good word of mouth and getting people coming back for more. You can start by keeping the outside clean even if it isn’t your responsibility. Take five minutes in the morning and the afternoon to head out the doors and sweep or clean up trash if necessary. When people come into your store, make sure they are greeted pleasantly by your team. Have pleasant music and introduce scents that make sense for your store; just be sure to keep it light.

Use Your Windows

If you have windows that face out on the street, you can use simple window paint to turn them into an advertising mechanism. Hire an artist to create something amazing, or use templates to make the effect more professional. You could even invite a local school’s art class to do the window and turn it into a public relations opportunity, especially during the holiday season. If your windows are large enough and at ground level, take a page out of Macy’s in New York and create window displays that people want to see. They may be difficult, but a good window display that includes movement will be sure to please and to bring people into your store.

Advertise What You Sell

Take a look at your store name and ask yourself if people know what you sell from the name alone. If your store is called “Uncle Ed’s,” people looking at your storefront from the street aren’t going to be able to tell you what the store sells from the name alone. A custom flag set could help you get the customers you’re searching for. You could create flags for each of the categories of items you sell and hang them outside for people to see. Even if people can tell what you sell from your store name, you may want to highlight some of the items in your store, a flag can help you do that. Flags are great because they use the wind to capture people’s attention and look festive.

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