If you own a retail establishment, you know the value of foot traffic. And you know how hard it is to entice that traffic that passes by your door each day to venture inside. You’ve tried advertising in the local paper, you’ve built up your email list via Constant Contact or some other email list service, you’ve held sale events, all with limited success. Now there’s another way to turn passersby into customers. The National Association of Advertising has concluded that the most effective form of advertising for retail establishments is through on premises signage. The most attractive, and most powerful, form of on premises signage is to use a feather flag which is mounted into the ground. This type of sign can be ordered with a variety of in stock messages, or you can create your own custom flag.

What is a Feather Flag?

Feather flags are so named because of their shape, in the form of a graceful feather. They stand twelve or fifteen feet high, but are at eye level for foot traffic or highway traffic, to see. They are versatile and double-sided, so people can read your message coming and going. Unlike conventional flags that need a stiff breeze to unfurl and display your message, a feather flag is always open and needs only a slight breeze to flutter and wave, attracting further attention. These high quality flags are made in the United States, and are specially constructed for outdoor use. If you wish to create your own, one-of-a-kind flag, the company can help draw up a design that will be uniquely yours.

How to Use the Flag

The flag will come equipped with a pole kit, enabling you to quickly and efficiently erect your advertising message. There is a ground spike that is pounded into the ground. The pole is easily assembled and the sleeve of the flag is fed onto the pole. Before you know it, your feather flag will be fluttering in the breeze and traffic will be fluttering to your shop door. If you wish to ever use the flag in an indoor setting, such as for a fair, conference, or craft show, simply change out the ground spike for a weighted donut and you’re all set. These are but a few uses for a graceful feather custom flag.

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