Whether it’s a new investment or a home that you’ve lived in for years, here are some areas where you can be vigilant in home protection.

Protection from the Elements

Changing seasons, storms, and even natural flora and fauna can cause damage to your home. Make sure your roofing and siding is properly installed and have it inspected every year for any repairs that need to be made. Trim back branches or vegetation that rubs against the siding or roof and give trees plenty of space away from fences and concrete so their root systems can grow without damaging the structures.

Hanging thermal curtains and putting plastic around windows can help reduce drafts and reduce heating bills in the winter. During the summer run fans to help boost the AC power, close doors to rooms that are not being used, and avoid using heat generating electronics during the hottest part of the day.

Protection from Burglary

There are many steps you can take to help protect your home from burglary and make it a less appealing target to thieves. Installing a fence, gate, or barrier is a good idea, and reduce hiding spots near the home by keeping vegetation and shrubbery trimmed or non existent near the house. Motion sensor lights, security cameras, guard animals, and alarm systems are good ideas as well.

Another tip is to walk around your house with the mindset of a thief. How would you break in? Does anything look easy to open? You can work with your local police department and have them do an assessment to help you address any areas that need to be strengthened. Try to keep tempting items (like expensive electronics and art pieces) away from easy view so your home is less enticing. Participating in a neighborhood watch or simply getting to know your neighbors is a great anti-theft policy. Burglary is typically lower in tight-knit communities because members watch out for each other’s’ properties.

Protection from Identity Theft

One area of crime that is less well known is identity theft. Title fraud is a crime where someone removes you from the title of your home, essentially removing your ownership to your house. Luckily, there are property title monitoring services available to help combat this risk. You should also be vigilant of identity theft where someone else applies for a home loan in your name.

From putting plastic on the windows, to installing a security system, to working with a property title monitoring company, you can be proactive to help protect your home. While you can do your best to protect your home, there are certain circumstances you simply can not anticipate, so good home insurance is the best way to ultimately protect your investment.

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