You are here because you can drive a truck and you have a CDL. However, for those who did not know what a CDL is, let us start by giving you the full form of CDL. CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s Licence. So, in this article, we have compiled some good information and tips for a CDL driver.

Primary duties and Responsibilities of a CDL driver

 The main job of a CDL driver would be carrying freights to and from different locations. He would be maintaining the logs of his working hours. He keeps the record of the goods and shipments he carries and delivers. The driver would also be involved in the cleaning and maintenance of the truck that he drives.

Depending upon the truck company and the job description, the drivers would also be responsible for loading and unloading the goods and shipment. The drivers may operate the trucks within the state or sometimes between two states. Again, this depends upon the truck company.

Requirements and regulations for a CDL driver

 The primary requirement of a driver is to have a valid CDL, a commercial driver’s license. A high school education or a diploma is also preferable because having basic education and mathematics knowledge to handle your other responsibilities are important.

As far as the US government rules are concerned, the driver should have completed the driving skills and safety course. He must comply with the rules and regulations of the state and central government of the country and the respective state.

Other great skills to possess for a CDL driver are

  • A good communication skill.
  • Great attitude towards customers.
  • Excellent hearing vision and judgement capabilities.
  • Physical fitness and good stamina for traveling for long durations.

Overcoming the usual issues

These days, times are changing though. The infamous reasons for not choosing to become a truck driver is being sorted out and getting fixed by the truck company owners. Long distance drives will often help the driver earn more but his time at home and with family gets compromised.

If you opt for short distance drives, you will be able to spend more time with the family but you may often end up making less money. However, you do have some truck companies that may provide you more per miles and you are offered regular and frequent trips. This way, you will be able to make decent money.

Thus, if you think you qualify, you can consider yourself for CDL trucking jobs in Phoenix. There are good trucking companies like the Duncan & Son Lines, Inc. They have openings for the job of truck drivers which you can apply from the above link. They are a family company operating since the year 1943 and they work culture is very employee friendly.

So, why wait when you can actually make a great career by doing what you know and still staying within your comfort zone! Go for it and make good money from your driving skills.

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