A group of people allege plant-based diet boosts energy while some say it induces glow to their skin. Few consider practicing vegetarian nutrition and using products that reduces animal cruelty.  People who strive to follow these practices are referred as Vegans. With veganism on the rise, there is an increase in people’s thoughts turning towards ethical consumption.

Few years back the change was seen in food choices and lately it started being reflected in fashion accessories. Accessories include purses, wallets, belts, backpacks and more. Let us now delve into how the vegans have their standard established regarding to backpacks.

vegan backpack

Hiker’s companion

A traveler’s delight is to strut around in a Turtleneck accompanied by a backpack. Online websites like “Marsibond” offer a handful of options for vegan backpacks in different colors. Their bags are washable and eco-friendly as per the preference of ethical consumers.

Such backpacks are free from animal glues, fur, leather, grounded animal bones and crushed beetles. In short it doesn’t employ animal-based raw materials and hence gets its name. Lately more people are turning about vegan lifestyle and enquiring if their products contain animal products. They want to make ethical shopping choices.

Basic design of bags:

A quality bag is defined by its durability and style. Both these factors are influenced by manufacturing process. A large number of people prefer purchasing premium bags with extra pockets which can be sealed with zippers. The pockets are used to conveniently store items like mobile phone, changes and keys.

Backpacks look chic and are easier to carry around. Bags with flaps are preferred for safely storing contents. The capacity is also of importance.

A Vegan leather backpack architecture

The skeleton of a vegan leather backpack is a significant part of its architecture. It is responsible for evenly distributing the entire weight throughout the body. It is important to strike a proper balance between shoulders, hips which are often used to carry additional weight. The frame decides the weight distribution.

Backpack types:

  • Frame-less Backpack: The construction of these backpacks is straightforward. Frame-less type are available at nominal costs. These use a set of straps with a single large pocket allowing pressure on shoulders evenly. They are generally used for carrying ordinary, casual and weightless items.
  • Backpack with external side frame: It is designed specifically for holding larger capacity. It is popular owing to its durability and high quality of the frame. Cotton and other materials are used in manufacturing the frame to maintain its rigidness. High quality cushions used prevents friction that can cause damage to shoulders.
  • Backpacks with internal side frame: They use plastic or metal strips embedded into the body. It doesn’t sway due weight and allows the wearer to easily scale rocky and slippery surfaces. However, these backpacks have less storage space.

It is indeed a humane thought to think of investing in a vegan way of procuring bags. Apart from curbing animal cruelty it preserves the planet’s natural resources and ensures livestock doesn’t go extinct. Treat yourself to a Vegan Leather Backpack.

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