If you’re fascinated by human biology — and are interested in helping people — then you’re well suited to working in the dental industry. That doesn’t necessarily men you have to go to dental school, as there are several different kinds of jobs that serve the needs of dental patients. Here a few prominent dentistry jobs worth considering.

1. Dental Assistant

When you see your dentist, you’ll notice that there is someone specially assigned to making preparations for your visit. They’ll prepare and develop X-rays, sterilize equipment, make dental impressions, and generally guide the patient throughout the procedure. One of the most important dentistry jobs in any dental office, the dental assistant may perform other duties such as applying topical anesthetics and schedule appointments.

2. Dental Hygienist

Whenever you go to your dental office for your twice yearly dental cleaning, those duties will most likely be performed by the dental hygienist. With more responsibilities than the dental assistant, a hygienist will also examine patients for signs of oral cancer and gingivitis. They will also give patients advice on ways to improve their dental health.

3. Dental Lab Technicians

Whenever you need a bridge or a crown, these are made by dental laboratory technicians. Also known as dental technicians, these highly specialized professionals are trained in manufacturing dentures as well as bridges, crowns and other kinds of prostheses.

4. General Dentist (DDS)

The dentists provide a vast array of different dental services for their patients. They perform procedures to prevent and stop the spreading of cavities as well several types of disease. They will also often engage in more advanced treatments such as root canals, fillings, bridgework, and fitting for dentures. It’s also possible that should you require special treatment, your dentist will refer you to a specialist in that field.

5. Orthodontist

One of the specialists your dentist may refer you to is an orthodontist. They specialize in straightening your teeth and correcting your jaw alignment. While people of all ages may seek the skills of an orthodontist, typically they’ll mostly work on younger patients whose teeth are more pliable.

6. Periodontist

If you’re suffering from gum disease, you may be referred to a periodontist. They specialize in preventing and treating periodontal disease which can weaken your gums and jawbone, leading to tooth loss.

Some things that all dentistry jobs have in common is they’re rewarding professions that are always in demand.

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